The microblog channel of and China Telecom have signed an agreement to implement a cooperation for products based on the microblog services at

Under the agreement, China Telecom’s eSurfing users, broadband users, and fixed-line users will be able to log onto Sina microblog with their China Telecom accounts; meanwhile, China Telecom will open user authentication services to In addition, China Telecom will integrate its email service into Sina’s microblog business to enable users to use their Sina microblogs on China Telecom’s email pages.

As a part of this cooperation, the two parties will jointly launch a Brew-based mobile microblog client, which is reportedly the first of its kind in the industry. With this wireless software client, China Telecom’s tens of millions of Brew mobile phone users will be able to use Sina microblog with eSurfing mobile phones. launched its microblog platform and related products in 2009. On April 6, 2011, the company adopted a new independent domain name,, for its microblog business. So far, Sina microblog has gained over 140 million registered users, leading the Chinese microblog industry by user group, user loyalty, and influence. Rumors today are also stating that Sina may soon launch an English-language blog service similar to Twitter.

China Telecom has already started using social media for publicity and marketing purposes. The company has opened several official microblogs, including China Telecom Group, China Telecom customer service, and the base for its eight major products. With these microblogs, China Telecom delivers the latest information about its network construction, business development, customer service, and product marketing.