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After the Denver Nuggets swept LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, the NBA star said he needed time to think about his future. Shortly after, Dwight Howard decided to offer an option in case James wanted a change of scenery.

Howard went to play for the Taoyuan Leopards in Taiwan after leaving the Lakers in 2022. Now, James’ former teammate thinks it could be time to be on the same roster again.

 “We got purple and gold jerseys. I got one right here, right now. It’s white, we got purple and gold, though. Nobody got No. 6, you can have that,” Howard said on a video posted this week in which he pretended to call James.

“You’ve done playing in the league or 35 years, you’ve done broke every record. You LeGOAT, LeGOAT. You can be the LeGM over here, LeCoach, you can be LeTrainer. You can be LeCook, LeDriver.”

James just wrapped up his 20th season in the league — not quite 34 years yet. In that time, he has won four NBA Championships and been named an All-Star 19 times, while also breaking multiple records. But if he wanted to accomplish more as an athlete, Howard made sure to say in his recruiting pitch that James could play in Taiwan until he is 90 years old. 

Howard began to extend the “offer” when the Lakers were down 0-2 against the Nuggets. He had also told James they can remake a McDonald’s commercial from over a decade ago. In that pitch, Howard jokingly said he wouldn’t help the Lakers against Nikola Jokić.

The Lakers forward is not the only player Howard has recruited. Earlier this month, he invited point guard Chris Paul after the Phoenix Suns were eliminated by the Nuggets in the Western Conference semifinals.