Chinese online game operator has announced that the company has gained an Information Network Communicated Audio-Video Program License, with the license number of 0910541, enabling it to operate online video businesses in China. told local media that with the successful acquisition of this video license from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television of China, the company can not only restart its existing video services, but also strengthen its corporate strategy of combining interactive entertainment with new products. plans to explore and integrate its advantages in games, fashion, TV and movies to provide diversified marketing channels for interactive entertainment products. At the same time, it will further promote’s strategic goal of becoming a cross-platform interactive entertainment group in China.

At present, is busy in making an overall plan for video-related contents and services, and will restart its video service V9you at an “appropriate time”. It will focus on video services about games, popular entertainment, and fashion to provide various video programs to Chinese netizens.