China Unicom has published its main operating statistics for January 2010, stating that the growth of its 3G mobile users exceeded that of its 2G users for three consecutive months.

According to the statistics, by January 31, 2010, China Unicom had gained a total number of 146 million users, including 3.595 million 3G users.

During the first month of 2010, the growth of China Unicom’s 2G and broadband users was reportedly slow, and the number of its fixed line telephone users continued to decrease. By the end of January 2010, the number of the operator’s fixed line telephone users decreased by 300,000 to 102.5 million; while the number of its broadband users increased by 965,000 to 39.515 million.

In January 2010, China Unicom gained 853,000 new 3G users, exceeding that of 2G for three consecutive months. Prior to this, the net increase of its 3G users reached 801,000 in November 2009, exceeding that of 2G for the first time, and the net increase in December 2009 was 920,000.