The public relations department of Chinese search engine has confirmed to local media that Li Mingyuan, general manager for’s Internet shopping branch Baidu Youa, is departing the company for personal reasons. has appointed Cai Hu, former general manager for Baidu Alliance, as the new Baidu Youa general manager and Cai’s position will be taken over by Chu Dachen, general manager for’s business analysis department. said the personnel changes will not affect Baidu Alliance’s strategies or policies. Ca and Chu are expected to complete the work transition in April 2010 and the company will appoint a new general manager for the business analysis department at that time.

Li Joined in 2004 as the first product manager of the company’s Post Bar. After that, he was in charge of the designs of’s community products. In 2007, he was appointed general manager of’s e-commerce business department, commanding the C2C e-commerce project of the company.

Rumors swirling on the Internet are that Li’s departure is related to’s recent strategy adjustments in the e-commerce sector. However, Li has reportedly denied this. Prior to this, announced plans to jointly establish a B2C firm with Japan’s Rakuten.