As news that Tom Online has ended its relationship with Google, the Chinese Internet community has now announced that as a result of Google’s relocation of its Chinese business from the Chinese mainland to Hong Kong, will suspend cooperation of several projects with Google.

Xing Ming, CEO of, told local media that the company has begun implementing a plan to continue its operations without the help of Google. uses Google’s technologies to power some of the functions of its website.

Xing said though Google left, still needs to continue providing services to users to meet their demands. There were many fields on which they were planning to cooperate, such as online video. However, Google left when just got a license to provide online video, so the Chinese online forum will run the video business by itself.

In addition, Xing revealed that has gained the full control of its social networking service “Tianya Laiba” and the question-and-answer service “Tianya Wenda”. The two services previously were powered with Google’s help.

Chinese telecom operator China Unicom also announced recently that it will remove Google’s search engine from its new mobile phone product jointly developed with Google.