Chinese mainland online game developer and operator Giant Interactive Group has confirmed that it has authorized Taiwan-based King Rex Hi Media to operate its first webgame Gold Land in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan from late April 2010.

As Giant’s first webgame product, Gold Land features images, innovative play methods, and diversified task systems. The company invested over CNY10 million in the development of this online game over the past two years.

King Rex Hi Media said that they are making adjustments and testing to the webgame and it is expected to be launched in Taiwan in late April 2010.

Commenting on its first webgame product, Giant said the company has paid great attention to Gold Land and hopes to set up new standards for the second-generation strategic webgames.

Founded in May 2000, King Rex Hi Media was initially engaged in the fields of the Internet, game, media, marketing, and public relations. It started focusing on the development of online games in Taiwan from April 2002 and currently runs the online leisure game platform in Taiwan.