Song Zhongjie, Google China’s general manager for sales resigned on April 16, 2010, and will reportedly join the Chinese lifestyle website as president.

Song will become a corporate partner of’s CEO Liu Jianguo, who is former chief technology officer of search engine

Commenting on his joining of, Song told local media that he is optimistic about the local services market. He believes dining, clothing, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment in people’s daily lives form a huge Internet application market and it will see explosive growth in the future.

Liu said that Song has over 20 years’ experience in China’s IT industry and his joining will greatly accelerate the business expansion of

As Google China’s only local director-level business executive, Song joined Google China in 2006 and established the company’s agency channel system in China. Song was former leader of Google Greater China’s channel sales department, Google China’s major client sales department, and import and export business department. He was also a key promoter for the sales business of Google China. Prior to joining Google China, Song worked for HP China as vice president, general manager for software business department, and general manager for marketing and service department.