Ctrip.con announced its CNY200 million Ctrip Information Technology Building in Nantong has completed construction and will be operated as the company’s second call center with 12,000 seats, which is said to be the largest call center in the world’s tourism industry.

Fan Min, CEO of Ctrip.com, believes China’s tourism industry is developing very well and still has great potential. In 2009, China had total tourism revenue of CNY1.26 trillion and a total visits of 2 billion. It is predicted that in 2010 there will be CNY1.4 trillion revenue and 2.3 billion visits; by 2015, there will be 3.5 billion visits, annual growth of tourism revenue will be 12%, and tourism will account for 4.5% of the country’s GDP.

Ctrip.com is said to develop another business for the new call center: outsourcing. Currently many enterprises in the service and direct marketing industries need call centers for their businesses. Ctrip.com hopes it can undertake call center outsourcing services from enterprises of various industries such as banking.