China Telecom Beijing branch has announced the launch of a new Internet Data Center service platform with 3G applications to realize sending of contents, including IDC operating statistics, video monitoring information, and server security information to mobile phones of corporate users.

During the launch of the new platform, China Telecom Beijing introduced its IDC services which combine the fixed line and mobile networks to over 100 corporate users. With the new services, its IDC users can implement real-time examination on their equipment managed in the IDC rooms through video monitoring and can accept messages about related statistics with mobile phones.

A representative from China Telecom Beijing revealed to the local media that by the end of 2009, China Telecom Beijing had eight IDC rooms, with a total area of 35,000 square meters and over 30,000 managed servers. Apart from the existing IDC rooms, China Telecom Beijing also invested in two large data centers in Yongfeng and Yizhuang, respectively, and both data centers will be put into full operation before the end of 2010. China Telecom Beijing reportedly has 260 IDC clients, covering government units and industries such as finance, information technology, Internet, logistics, and manufacturing.

The representative said as users’ demands for communications grew, the former single-network fixed line or mobile services were not able to satisfy them. Therefore, China Telecom Beijing launched the new IDC service platform with 3G applications to fill that need.