Utan.com, a new website launched by Shanda Games’ former CEO Li Yu, has recently started beta tests and is focused on the Chinese youth market.

The website is reportedly the online part of Shanghai Yurong Network Technology Corporation, a company jointly founded by Li and her husband Chen Yao.

At present, people are allowed to visit Utan.com, but only can view the front page, introduction of the company, contact information of the website, and apply for invitation codes for the beta tests. The website has not had an official Chinese name and is currently collecting votes for the name from netizens. The website is expected to be opened to all netizens in a month, revealed Li.

According to the introduction on Utan.com, the website will be a new social media Internet community to connect people through this social gaming platform.

As the former CEO of the Chinese online game developer and operator Shanda Games, Li departed the company and started her own business after this past Spring Festival. Li said that Yurong Network has already gained tens of millions yuan of investment from unnamed venture capital firms and founders of Chinese and overseas listed companies.