Chinese software maker UFIDA and the international technology company IBM have announced in Beijing that the two parties will jointly establish a cloud computing lab.

According to a memorandum of understanding signed by the two parties, they will use Wecoo, a subsidiary of UFIDA, and IBM’s China Development Lab as the primary carriers and resource platforms for the joint lab. The related cooperation will cover three sectors, including technology verification and innovation; trials and feedback of new products, and cloud computing solutions.

With IBM’s latest cloud computing technologies and Wecoo’s sample data, the two parties will jointly implement verification for new technologies. For trials and feedbacks of new products, IBM will invite UFIDA’s Wecoo for the trial of the internal edition of its latest cloud computing products and UFIDA will give feedback to IBM in accordance with the actual use of its users. In addition, based on the existing cloud computing platforms and technologies, UFIDA’s Wecoo and IBM’s China Development Lab will take advantages of their market resources to jointly develop cloud computing solutions.

As a core business of UFIDA, Wecoo has integrated the SaaS concept and the successful 3G commercial use experience from all over the world. It adopts the Internet and the mobile Internet as its two major carriers and combines management software, mobile applications, marketing and services to provide one-stop e-commerce solutions, technology consulting, and applications services to various enterprises.