Zhejiang province’s first comprehensive Internet platform focusing on rural tourism, zhejiang.com.cn, has been formally launched.

Nanjianyan Scenic Spot and Mutangyuan Hot Spring in Suichang County; Guantou Village in Pan’an County; Shenlongchuan Scenic Spot in Lin’an City; and Jiangnan Tianchi Scenic Spot in Anji County are designated to be the first batch of activity bases for the website.

Zhejiang.com.cn is developed by zjol.com.cn, the only official news portal of Zhejiang province. The website will provide useful information about short-haul rural travel, famous agricultural-related sightseeing destinations, Nongjiale (tourist accommodation in farms and rural homes), and local specialties in Zhejiang. Currently the website has collected pictures and text data of over 1,000 Nongjiale complemented by a map search function.

The website will organize netizens in groups and enable them to experience rural tourism according to different seasons, types, regions, and themes. Besides being a professional information provider, it will also be an interactive platform for communication between rural tourism destinations and tourists.