The Chinese search engine company has launched a new handwriting input method for its Internet search engine service.

When using’s search engine, a netizen can use a computer mouse as a pen to write down the strokes of the Chinese character keywords in the search box. Based on the shapes of the Chinese characters, the powerful Chinese character recognition function, and Baidu’s keyword association function, the smart Web word input system will provide several possible characters for users to choose. In addition, there are functions to allow users to make changes and deletions to the input content.

At the same time, the new service does not require the installation of any Web plug-in and can be started by a simple click on the search engine page.

A representative in charge of Baidu’s corporate social responsibility program told local media that with the popularization of the Internet in China, Chinese netizen groups are also diversified. Some old and young users are not familiar with the existing input methods, which are mainly based on Pinyin, and it is hard for them to complete searches on by inputting keywords with keyboards. In addition, it is hard to search for information related to some rarely used words with the Pinyin input methods if people do not know the pronunciations of these words.’s new web handwriting input method aims to solve these problems.

Robin Li, chairman and CEO of, said that everyone has the equal rights to gain information in China. is committed to shortening the distance between people and information with the help of technologies and it would like to make more effort to bridge the information gap.