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Beijing Starts Work On Convergence Of Three Networks

The trial operation of the convergence of the telecom, broadcasting, and the Internet networks in Beijing has now officially started.

Approved by the coordination group of the convergence of the three networks of the State Council, Beijing was designated as one of the pilot cities for the trial of the convergence of the three networks.

To promote the convergence of the three networks in Beijing, the city has set up a coordination group, whose responsibilities are researching and formulating a general working plan and phased working programs for the convergence of the three networks in Beijing; and organizing, coordinating, and supervising the implementation of the related plan and programs. The coordination group will be located in the Beijing Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

During the first meeting of the coordination group of Beijing, four major tasks for the convergence of the three networks were raised, including promoting mutual access of the broadcasting and telecom networks; accelerating the construction of information infrastructures; enhancing network information security and cultural security supervision; and stimulating the development of related information and cultural industries in Beijing.

The coordination group was formed by leaders of 38 government work units, including the Organization Department of Beijing; the Propaganda Department of Beijing; the Beijing Administration of Radio, Film and Television; Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology; Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform; Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance; and Beijing Communications Administration.

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