Beijing Computing Center and the Chinese server provider Dawning Information Industry Company Ltd. announced that they will work together to establish a cloud computing joint lab to meet the demands of small- and medium-sized enterprises in China.

As an emerging business computing model, cloud computing can transfer the processing of data from an individual computer or server to a large computing center with the help of the high-speed Internet and provide the computing capacity and storage capacity as services.

However, the huge construction and application costs of a large computing center have blocked SMEs’ access to this new technology and further hindered their innovation abilities.

Therefore, Beijing Computing Center and Dawning decided to establish a cloud computing joint lab, aiming to improve the innovation abilities of Chinese SMEs, making the technology affordable for Chinese SMEs, and meeting the various cloud computing demands of Chinese SMEs.

Dawning has reportedly invested over CNY5 million in the building of the joint lab, which will integrate Dawning’s latest-generation products and technologies. Neither company has stated the exact date the services will open to SMEs.