Chinese computing platform and information technology application solutions provider Inspur has published a strategy to promote its cloud computing business, and it plans to launch China’s first self-developed cloud computing operating system before the end of 2010.

Wang Endong, senior vice president of Inspur, told local media that the development of Chinese cloud technologies needs to meet the actual demand in China where industry users account for over 50% of the Chinese digital information market. In regards to the dispersion of industry organizations and the closed data, industry users are people who most urgently need the cloud computing technologies.

Inspur’s self-developed cloud computing operating system can reportedly manage a data center with over 5,000 servers. Meanwhile, the company will launch a full range of software and hardware infrastructure solutions, including large servers and high-density servers.

Inspur has recently signed a cloud computing cooperation agreement with Shandong Computer Science Center. The two parties will jointly complete the resource integration, sharing, and coordinating of 13 software parks across Shandong province, and set up the largest software industry cloud and the future cloud computing research center in China.