American technology media company TechTarget Inc. is finally taking a deeper step into China by taking a larger piece of its Chinese operations.

TechTarget has acquired control of the operations of Beijing-based Keji Wangtuo Information Technology Company Ltd., an existing TechTarget partner that runs Chinese-language versions of TechTarget’s websites. Keji Wangtuo is known as TechTarget-China, and neither company has revealed the financial details of the deal. Furthermore, neither company has revealed exactly how TechTarget, a foreign company, has been able to take control of a Chinese Internet content provider. Under current Chinese regulations, foreign firms can not take a controlling stake in a Chinese online content company, so most likely the licensing of TechTarget-China is that of a software firm and their websites are hosted outside of mainland China.

TechTarget-China has been a partner of TechTarget’s since its launch in 2008, and it operates 11 targeted websites in Simplified Chinese dedicated to information technology buyers in China and serve as the platform for lead-generation and brand-building programs that TechTarget-China.

TechTarget-China reportedly has 20 employees.