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China’s First Mobile Phone Platform For Blind People Launched Via Baidu

China’s first mobile phone platform for blind people has been formally launched via Baidu.com’s search engine open platform, aiming to help the blind make phone calls, send messages, and even surf the mobile Internet more easily.

Developed by Cao Jun, chairman and CEO of Beijing-based Protection & Ease and who is also a blind person, the new platform is the first China-wide barrier-free mobile phone platform in China and is the first public service application introduced by Baidu.com’s open platform. With the help of Baidu.com’s platform, people who want to use the service can search with related keywords and complete a series of steps, including gaining information about the product features, learning how to use the product, consulting, ordering, and installation.

Under the guidance of China Foundation for Disabled Persons and China Association of the Blind, Protection & Ease and Baidu.com have jointly held a product launch and experience meeting, during which Baidu.com announced that it will buy 150 sets of the new product and donate them to the blind.

Zhu Guang, senior director for market and public relations of Baidu.com, said during the meeting that the new product is a White Cane Safety Day gift to the blind people in China. White Cane Safety Day is also known as the International Day of the Blind, which was on October 15.

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