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Chinese Cloud Computing On HP’s Menu In Suzhou

Hewlett-Packard has announced that it has established a new information service center and the Chinese hub of its Best Shore global outsourcing service center in Suzhou, to provide customized information technology consulting and outsourcing services to its clients in eastern China.

Named Suzhou Hewlett-Packard Information Service Company Ltd., the new company is currently cooperating with Suzhou International Science Data Center in the construction of a cloud computing platform for the Suzhou Industrial Park, and to help the operation and management of the park to ensure the availability and flexibility of its information technology system, so as to upgrade the service and management level of the park and to improve its investment environment.

In addition, HP and the municipal government of Suzhou will work together to build digital archives to manage the large amounts of information and corporate data growing with the rapid economic development in Suzhou.

With the cooperation, HP and Suzhou government will establish the city as a leading outsourcing service base, further improve the local economic industry, and train information technology consulting and outsourcing service professionals for Suzhou.

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