Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court has announced its decision for’s lawsuit against Oak Pacific Interactive, which previously launched a similar social networking site as that of, asking the latter to stop using the Chinese name of “Kai Xin Wang” and pay compensation of CNY400,000 to the complainant.

According to local media reports, in May 2009 the Chinese social media website raised a lawsuit against Oak Pacific Interactive for unfair competition, because the latter launched, a similar website as that of also used the Chinese name of “Kai Xin Wang”, which is the same as that of said in its indictment that’s Chinese name, the major part of its domain name, its functions, service targets, and contents are basically the same as those of In addition, the style of its front page is similar with that of All of these deeds have constituted an unfair competition scenario.

In regards to this lawsuit, Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court has recently announced its decision. The court stated that Oak Pacific Interactive did not infringe the registered trademark of, but it uses the same Chinese name as, therefore constituting unfair competition. The court asked the defendant to stop the use of the name of “Kai Xin Wang” or any other similar names, and Oak Pacific Interactive needs to pay a compensation of CNY400,000 to

Commenting on the decision, Oak Pacific Interactive said it will appeal.