Chinese Internet company and Microsoft’s MSN China has jointly announced that the two parties have signed a strategic cooperation agreement and formally entered a social media strategic partnership.

Under the agreement, and MSN China will implement comprehensive cooperation in various fields, including microblogs, blogs, instant messaging, information content, and wireless services. The cooperation is expected to further improve and MSN’s competitiveness in these sectors. Depending on the open concepts of the two parties, they will integrate their platforms and products to help users realize real-time sharing.

With the forming of this strategic partnership, users of and MSN will enjoy one-stop experience in many sectors. For example, with the integration of Sina microblog and MSN, users’ updates of microblogs will be displayed on Windows Live Messenger synchronously; meanwhile, users can login to the Sina microblog with their Windows Live IDs.

The cooperation between Windows Live Spaces and Sina blog will reportedly be the first step of the strategic cooperation of the two parties. will become the cooperation partner for Windows Live Spaces’ official relocation on the Chinese mainland. The cooperation will improve the accessibility, stability, and user experience of Windows Live Spaces. Users of Windows Live Spaces will be able to relocate their blogs, comments, photos, and videos to Sina blog without changing personal files.

In addition, with the help of Microsoft’s Messenger Connect open platform, users can directly login Sina blog with their Messenger accounts, and their blogs posted on Sina blog will be shown on Messenger and other Windows Live-related services.