Italy-based Translated unveiled an index showing that Chinese netizens rank among the highest in the world in their cumulative online purchasing power.

Simplified Chinese websites in Singapore and China account for a total 11% rating on the index, second only to English with a 34.5% overall rating.

Called the T-Index Study 2010, the company has quantified the gross domestic product and total Internet populations of regions and countries to provide companies a basis on which to decide how to choose the right languages for translating their websites.

Though the index states the GDP per capita of the Simplified Chinese language Internet population is USD13,439, the more than 420 million users of this language online push Simplified Chinese above Spanish, Japanese, and German with 7.4%, 7%, and 6.1%, respectively. Traditional Chinese ranked thirteenth with a rating of only 1.8%.

The company states: “T-Index helps you identify the languages used by the people that will most likely buy from your website or your advertisers. It combines the Internet population and its estimated GDP per capita.”

Translated is a translation agency whose service is completely Internet-based. Translated was founded in 1999 and says it serves 12,881 customers worldwide.