Shanda Open Platform and’s microblog service have reached a cooperation agreement to implant the various gaming applications of Shanda Open Platform into the microblog sector of

Depending on the interpersonal communication effects of Sina microblog, Shanda Open Platform’s applications will gain more user resources; meanwhile, by introducing Shanda Open Platform’s applications, users of Sina microblog will also experience richer Internet entertainment applications.

Prior to this, the two parties reached an application cooperation agreement on a webgame developed by Shanda. On November 10, 2010, the webgame was launched on Sina microblog, making it the first fee-based application on the microblog service. With the cooperation, users of Sina microblog can directly login to the webgame.

In the future, Shanda Open Platform will launch more products on Sina microblog’s social media platform.