Weibo, the microblog division of the Chinese Internet portal has announced that it will cooperate with four leading mobile sites which provide mobile phone software download services in China to launch nine new versions of microblog client around the New Year.

These new version can reportedly support iPhone, iPad, Symbian, and Android mobile devices.

According to Sina microblog, the versions for iPhone and Android products have been adjusted to support multiple browsing modes, providing free choices to users; the microblog client designed for Symbian has been upgraded to enable new functions such as geographic location and private message forwarding; and the version for iPad has the new three-column display pattern while also improving the two-column design choice. In addition, Sina microblog has launched mobile clients for the three major platforms Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Kjava.

Sina microblog also said that it will cooperate with four mobile phone software download sites, including,,, and, to provide WAP users with the download services of these new versions of microblog client around the New Year. For the Internet sector, eight websites, including,,,, and, have formed partnerships with Sina microblog for the download of these clients.