Chinese Internet companies Kingsoft and Tencent have announced their intentions to join Baidu’s recently launched campaign to make the Chinese Internet a safer place.

They are aiming to crack down on false information in the Chinese Internet shopping sector and to provide a safe and reliable online shopping environment for netizens. The three parties will reportedly implement in-depth cooperation in three areas: they will establish a joint-action mechanism to fight false online shopping information; they will integrate the identification results of malicious websites into their products; and they will recommend solutions specially designed for online shopping security to users.

A representative from Kingsoft revealed to the local media that the three companies will share a timely updated database and samples of malicious websites. In addition, they will include the identification results of malicious websites in their respective products to warn users about the risks. Finally, Tencent and Kingsoft will put their latest version security software on Baidu’s open platform to provide the best and most authoritative resources and services to users while preventing netizens from potential threats brought by phishing websites and false online information.

According to the 2010 China Online Shopping Security Report just released by Kingsoft, in 2010, over 100 million Chinese Internet users were cheated by false online shopping information, causing direct economic losses of CNY15 billion.

The cooperation of the three Chinese leading Internet companies is expected to ensure the online shopping security of over 350 million Internet users in China.