Tsinghua University and Mozilla China have jointly developed a new Internet browser product that is specially designed for IPv6.

Based on the core of Firefox, the widely-used browser by Mozilla, the new browser product, with the help of IPv6 tunnel technologies, enables smooth access to some IPv6, Facebook, and Google services, which are usually unstable. Facebook, at the present moment, is blocked in most areas of China. At present, this browser mainly targets the campus network of Tsinghua University with initial V1.0.6 version. It also has a “green download” edition which is about 16MB.

So far, many Chinese universities have fully supported IPv6 on their campus networks. In addition, Tsinghua University has deployed IPv6-based instant messaging and phone services, as well as the IPTV system.

Mozilla is known as the owner of the world’s second most-popular browser product, Firefox. Statistics released by the web analytics firm Net Applications show that by November 2010, Firefox had the market share of 22.81% in the global browser market, following Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which owned a 58.41% share. In China, though, Firefox accounts for less than 4% of overall usage.