A representative in charge of the planning of China Mobile’s online application store Mobile Market has revealed that the company’s location-based service module is currently finishing its test phase, and will be launched next month.

The development module of China Mobile’s Mobile Market store is mainly designed for non-technical developers, who can directly create simple applications with the online editing tools, without worrying about the development languages and the coverage of mobile phone modes.

The representative also said that China Mobile believes that it should take the initiative to seize the future LBS services sector and the related mobile Internet application markets. Even though it may not achieve the expected goal, it will make contributions and provide support to the development of third-party applications, though it will ultimately administer and oversee the apps developed by wireless value-added service providers.

So far, Chinese websites, including Jiepang.com, K.ai, Sifang.com, and Qieke.net, have entered the LBS market; while social networking sites like Sina microblog and Renren.com also added related location service functions.