Chinese search engine company Baidu Inc. has launched the internal beta version of its new media player product.

Chinese local media reported that Baidu’s new player software can play video and audio files in mainstream media formats. Apart from playing local files, the new product will enable users to access the various video resources on the Internet. The software also has other convenient functions such as automatically adding similar files to the play list, screenshots, and downloading the file while playing.

Baidu has been busy in expanding its client products in recent years. At the end of October 2010, it launched a computer management product, which has been enhanced with a new security module in the recently released 1.0 beta version.

For the input method field, Baidu launched its first mobile input product in 2009 and the Japanese version of this product was launched in Japan soon after the debut. In 2010, the company released its original Pinyin input method in China. At present, its input method product line covers online handwriting input method, cloud input method, mobile phone input method, and PC input method.

In addition, Baidu’s new browser project was started in January 2011 and this new project is reportedly undergoing talent recruitment.