Kingsoft Network, the Chinese company established by the merger of Kingsoft Internet Security Software Holdings Limited and Keniu Network, has announced plans to invest CNY30 million in a project named “Cloud Shield”, and it will formally open the API of its cloud security platform to partners.

So far, companies like and Maxthon have reportedly reached cooperation with Kingsoft Network, and its partnership with the Firefox browser group Mozilla is also rumored to be undergoing discussions.

Kingsoft Network told local media that it will open its cloud security platform, which allows third-party application providers to use its authorized interface for free, so as to provide security functions and services to more users. Kingsoft Network will also invest CNY30 million to establish a special team to help the third parties develop security functions.

Fu Sheng, chief executive officer of Kingsoft Network, said that security problems are everywhere and only the cloud technologies can respond to the threats in a timely manner.

According to Li Tiejun, chief security expert of Kingsoft Network, Kingsoft’s cloud security platform has accumulated data for over five million safe downloads and about one million dangerous downloads. The platform identifies nearly 10,000 new phishing websites daily; it responds to over one billion security inquiries daily; it blocks 500,000 dangerous downloads for 200,000 users daily; and it prevents 600,000 users from visiting phishing websites.