Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba will soon launch a new cloud mobile operating system.

According to reports in Chinese local media, many mobile phone applications developed by the group have already been integrated in the new system platform.

Unlike other mobile phone operating systems, Alibaba’s new cloud-based system will reportedly adopt a cloud application method, which allows users to run the applications without downloading them to mobile phones. Users only need a unified cloud account and they can run various applications on the operating system platform via the mobile Internet.

For application products, Alibaba’s new cloud mobile operating system has integrated Alibaba-developed basic applications, covering contacts, short message, input method, search engine, and email. It also carries Alibaba’s consumer-based applications.

With the launch of the new operating system, Alibaba’s first customized mobile phone will also be put into the market. The Chinese mobile phone maker K-Touch has reportedly developed a mobile phone that uses the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core chip for Alibaba. The new mobile phone product will adopt Alibaba’s cloud mobile operating system and will gain operating resource support from Alibaba’s many subsidiaries such as