Chinese telecom operator China Telecom has announced its eSurfing cloud computing strategy, brand, and solution, and it plans to launch eSurfing cloud devices and cloud storage products in 2012.

China Telecom established a cloud computing project team in 2009 and the company has completed tests in Shanghai, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Jiangxi. According to Yang Jie, vice general manager of China Telecom, the data center is the core for the scale development of cloud computing. At present, China Telecom has 300 cloud computing rooms, covering a total area of ten million square meters. For the cloud application sector, Yang said China Telecom’s cloud devices and cloud storage products have been put into commercial trial. The formal operation is expected to be started at the beginning of 2012.

Yang also said that network capacity is the foundation for the scale development of cloud computing. At the beginning of 2011, China Telecom launched a project to promote the access of optical fiber network. For network coverage, China Telecom has deployed its network in 342 cities and 2,055 counties, and 90% of villages and towns in China.

China Telecom started transforming from a tradition telecom operator to a comprehensive information service provider. By the end of 2010, revenue from the non-voice sector had accounted for over 50% of the total revenue of China Telecom. In 2011, the company further raised a new concept, hoping to become the leader of intelligent channels, the provider of comprehensive platforms, and the participant of contents and applications.

In regards to the transformation of China Telecom, Shang Bing, vice minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and former party secretary of China Telecom, said that the launch of the eSurfing cloud computing strategy marks the beginning for China Telecom’s new transformation. The ministry is also formulating guidance for the development of cloud computing, aiming to reduce repeated construction and to promote the development of the industry.