Chinese server provider Sugon has announced its cloud computing strategy and displayed several cloud computing products, including a cloud basic system named Cloudbase; a cloud computing operating system named Cloudview; a cloud storage system named ParaStor; and a cloud security management center named Cloudfirm.

Li Jun, president for Sugon, said that the company will transform from a hardware device manufacturer to an information technology service provider. The transformation is expected to take three to five years, or even ten years, but it is necessary for the development of the company, said Li.

Sugon is positioned as a supplier of infrastructure as a service and platform as a service, and it will not expand into the cloud computing application sector. The company aims to provide stable, secure, and low-cost virtual computing platform to PaaS enterprises. It will also cooperate with these enterprises in the offering of secure and easy-to-use cloud computing infrastructure platforms.

Li pointed out that Sugon will take urban cloud computing growth as its core focus and establish a patented and controllable commercial cloud computing infrastructure platform and related standards in China to promote the development of the Chinese cloud computing industry.

Founded in 1995, Sugon has become a major server products manufacturer and developer in China. Over the past few years, the company has deployed and supported the deployment of many computing centers around China, including a super computing center in Shanghai, a cloud computing center in Chengdu, an urban cloud computing center, and a super computing center in South China.