Chinese Internet company Tencent and China Network Television have jointly announced a strategic partnership for a comprehensive social media and microblogging cooperation.

Under the cooperation, Tencent’s various products, including the open-source microblog system iWeibo2.0, the search engine Soso, and the community system Discuz, will implement full interactive business cooperation with CNTV. Based on its series of products like social networking, entertainment and Internet payment, Tencent plans to help CNTV establish a complex interactive system which integrates microblogs, social networking, instant search, video interaction, and paid downloads.

The two parties have already started cooperating in community search and account intercommunication. By binding their Tencent and CNTV microblog accounts, users can publish microblogs to both platforms synchronously.

For the next step of their cooperation, the two companies will implement deeper business collaboration focusing on the microblog system. In addition, they will integrate their services and products to achieve multi-dimensional interactive features, covering microblog, forum, and one-click forwarding.

Financial terms of the deal were not available.