Google has formally launched the advertising trading platform DoubleClick Ad Exchange in China, aiming to help Chinese advertising networks, agencies and Internet publishers to realize real-time trading of Internet display advertising.

For buyers like advertising networks and agencies, it provides advertising resources and sends the advertisements to the right audience via real-time auctions, so as to achieve the maximum return on investment. In China, buyers like Hylink Advertising,, Yoyi, and Aegis Group have joined Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange platform.

For sellers and publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange provides better access to more advertisers to enable the effective use of advertising resources. So far, Chinese publishers like,, CNTV, and have joined the platform.

Chen Ji, operating director for the advertising platform of Google DoubleClick Greater China, told local media that the Ad Exchange platform can help sellers increase income by 188%.

Liu Yun, Google’s global vice president, said that DoubleClick Ad Exchange is an important part for Google’s display advertising strategy. The launch of this platform in China will bring the revival of display advertising and benefit the various parties of the display advertising ecosystem in the country.

However, Google’s online ad services have recently been criticized by Chinese webmasters. Chinese webmasters are rumored to have been banned from Google’s AdSense services because Google claimed the webmasters were using bots to artificially inflate their pageviews. The webmasters contend they would do nothing of the sort, and instead they have many users to their websites via Virtual Private Networks that appear to Google as botnets. If Google seriously plans to enhance its services in China, the company needs to better understand how Chinese visitors often view offshore websites via VPNs and how those can complicate Google’s algorithms.