Chinese telecom operator China Unicom announced that following a period of trial operation, its official flagship store on the e-commerce website has formally launched, making it China Unicom’s second largest Internet store.

China Unicom’s official store on started trial operation in April 2012. During the two-month operation, this new Internet store reportedly performed well. Prior to this, another Chinese telecom operator China Mobile already opened a similar flagship store on

China Unicom revealed that to celebrate the opening of their Taobao flagship store, they will open the sales of their CNY20 pre-paid 3G card in this new Internet store. This CNY20 3G card was previously only sold in China Unicom’s own Internet business hall and was well accepted due to its low price. So far, the sales volume of this card has reached over 400,000.

China Unicom said that the 3G card sold in its Taobao flagship store is exactly the same as that sold in its Internet business hall on its own website.