Microsoft and have signed a strategic letter of intent in Beijing, stating that the two parties will jointly develop and distribute services to enhance Internet security and privacy protection for Chinese users.

The cooperation is also reportedly the first time to use the device health model to provide customers with active security protection in the world.

The device health model is originated from public health model. It aims to prevent consumers’ devices from infection. With the help of the device health model, users will get warnings during Internet transactions if their devices lack effective protection. This model can apply the entire Internet ecosystem to protect devices of users, so as to lower the risk of Internet fraud.

Jiang Chaoyang, vice president for security of, said that users’ device system defense and payment applications have been in an isolated condition for a long time and the payment application services can not remind users of their device security status, leading to the increase of risks in Internet payment transactions. Jiang said, based on the cooperation of Microsoft and, when users logging on to in Windows operating systems, the security center of Windows will send the terminal health status to

Chen Jing, a general manager for Microsoft, told local media that this Internet payment security system will first be deployed in Windows PC systems, and it is expected to appear in mobile device system such as Windows Phone.