Chinese Internet company has a new online game accelerator product named UU, and the company said it will provide the service to users for free.

The basic principle of the online game accelerator is to quicken the transit of node servers to help online game users choose the best route to access game servers so as to lower the network delays.

Due to its large server and bandwidth resources, the online game accelerator is normally a paid service. Though some are offered for free, their volume and functions are limited. However, according to the development team of NetEase’s UU, NetEase has great advantages in hardware resources, so there is not much pressure on the company to offer a paid service yet.

Apart from being offered for free, NetEase’s UU exempts users from cumbersome steps such as installation, registration, and login.

At present, Sichuan-based Xunyou is the largest online game accelerator service provider in China. On July 12, 2012, Xunyou submitted its IPO application. Official statistics showed that Xunyou currently has over 70 million registered users and it supports more than 4,000 online games. However, Xunyou’s services are not offered for free and users need to pay CNY20 per month to enjoy the accelerated access.