Chinese social networking site has launched its new version of homepage, which is the first major version change over its four-year operation.

Compared with the old version, the new personal front page enhances and promotes the use of user-generated content, including writing memos, posting photos, and recording feelings. Meanwhile, it encourages the interaction between users like sending gifts and commenting on the photos of friends.

By recommending more original contents on the front page, it allows users to access to more quality updates. In the new version, the “birthday reminder” and “friends’ photos” buttons based on the friend relationship function are moved to more obvious positions, enabling the convenient interaction with friends.

So far, has provided a portal to experience the new version. For those who are not used to the new version, they can simply go back to the old one by clicking on a button at the right side of the website.

According to a representative from, after the version change of the personal front page, the company will expand the changes to other sub-pages and the entire upgrade is expected to be completed in the next few months. Based on the feedback of users, they will make certain adjustments.