Chinese Internet security company Kingsoft Network has announced plans to invest CNY100 million to establish a search security laboratory.

This lab will reportedly focus on the research of security issues related to Chinese search engines, including phishing websites, malicious links, hidden link implants, link stealing, and privacy leaks. It will analyze technologies used for malicious attacks and provide regular reports and solutions.

Fu Sheng, chief executive officer of Kingsoft Network, told local media that the CNY100 million investment is mainly for research and development talent recruitment and the company plans to hire 100 outstanding engineers for the lab. The research results of this lab will be provided to search engine companies for free, aiming to improve the platform security in China.

Kingsoft Network said that Internet phishing and fraud have become the greatest threats on the Internet, replacing viruses and trojans. As the major portals to access Internet information, search engines attract intensive attacks by malicious websites, making search engines the hardest hit sector.

During the first half of 2012, Kingsoft’s anti-virus software reportedly blocked over 600,000 new phishing websites, and about half of these phishing websites attacked users via search engines.