Chinese telecom operator China Mobile announced the formal launch of a new Internet information security operating center in Luoyang, provincial capital of Henan.

This is reportedly the first operating center targeting mobile Internet information security established by a telecom operator in China. In its initial stage, the operating center will have 500 seats, making it the largest information handling team among Chinese telecom operators.

China Mobile’s information security operating center in Luoyang will target mobile pornographic information, spam messages, harassing phone calls, mobile malware, and malicious attacks. It will also provide Internet business security monitoring.

During 2011, China Mobile found and blocked over 430,000 porn-related domains and handled over 5.05 million spam messages reported by users. Though the operator has gained certain achievements against dangerous information, there are still criminals who avoided blocks using regional, systemic, and time differences to their advantage. The establishment of the new information security operating center in Luoyang aims to further improve the handling results of the security team.

Li Yue, president for China Mobile, said that the establishment of this operating center represents China Mobile’s concentrated investigation, research, and blocking of adverse information. During the two-month trial operation of the center, it handled about 550,000 pieces of suspected bad information on a daily basis.