Chinese online game developer and operator Shanda Games and Japanese video game develop Square Enix jointly held a press conference in Seoul, South Korea, to announce that the two parties will implement strategic cooperation in mobile game sector.

The two parties previously reached cooperation in September 2010 and Shanda Games gained the exclusive operating rights of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV in mainland China.

The new cooperation between the two parties will reportedly include development of mobile games based on well-known video games and localized operations. They will share development resources, and discuss issues like mobile game development based on shared resources and localized operation in various regional markets.

After the launch of products, Square Enix will be responsible for the localized operation in Japan while Shanda Games will be in charge of the operation in China and South Korea.

During the press conference, the two companies revealed that they will launch the first four mobile game products, including Final Fantasy I, II, III, and Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, before the end of 2012. The four mobile games will have both Korean and Chinese versions. Shanda Games will operate them in Chinese mainland and Taiwan, while Actoz Soft will operate in South Korea and Southeast Asia.

In addition, Shanda Games published its mobile game product line at the press conference. By the end of 2013, the Chinese company will have over 25 mobile game products, including Dragon Nest Labyrinth, Fallin Fallin, and Hell Lord. As Shanda Games’ global mobile game business command center, Actoz Soft will be fully responsible for the global operation of these games.