Chinese Internet company Xunlei announced that its search service will soon terminate operations.

The website’s notice stated will be shut down soon, at an indeterminate time. It also expressed its thanks to users and apologized for the inconvenience. However, the notice on the website was recently changed, stating that to coordinate with their relevant business partners, some functions of the website are temporarily unavailable.

The officials of the website did not disclose the reason for the service closures; but copyright problems are rumored to be the cause.

At present, some web pages of are unable to open. Early in April 2011, rumors swirled that’s search service would be closed for a short time to solve some copyright problems. In November 2012, the website suspended services for another system adjustment. is the resource search tool owned by Xunlei. It provides search services of entertainment content such as movies and TV series, music, games, videos, and software.