Chinese Internet company Renren Inc. will adjust its organizational structure and business clusters, and establish an independent wireless business division.

After the adjustments, the Chinese company will reportedly have five major business divisions, including the social networking website, a wireless division, a game division, the group buying website, and the video website The company’s mobile client development team will be integrated into the segment, realizing unified development with its PC products. Huang Jing, vice president for Renren, will be general manager of

At the same time, the newly established wireless business division will integrate the group’s resources to implement new product development and operation in the mobile Internet sector. Wu Jiang, vice president of Renren, will be general manager of the wireless business division.

Both Huang and Wu will report to Chen Yizhou, chairman and chief executive officer of Renren.

According to the company, will continue to transfer its focus to the mobile Internet sector in 2013. Commenting on this organizational structure adjustments, Chen said it will help the integration of mobile end and PC end of; meanwhile, it will accelerate the company’s innovation and expansion into the wireless sector.