The Weather Company International announced an expanded cloud and big data technology deal with Huafeng Group, a division of the China Meteorological Administration.

Huafeng has completed installation of DataCloud, The Weather Company’s proprietary big data management solution for national meteorological agencies. CMA and Huafeng will use DataCloud to power weather content sent to its clients across television, online, mobile and automotive products.

The DataCloud solution aggregates a country’s weather data sets into a simplified, easy-to-use format for better weather visualization, forecasting, warning dissemination and public communication through television or digital platforms. CMA and Huafeng produce all weather broadcasts for China Central Television and other consumer and enterprise clients, so The Weather Company International will drive global forecast television presentations seen throughout the PRC.

Since 2006, Huafeng has utilized software solutions from Weather Central, acquired in 2012 by and now a subsidiary within The Weather Company, in order to produce more than 70 weather presentations a day.

The Weather Company International has more than 35 clients throughout the PRC that include national, provincial and city level CMA offices that produce hundreds of weather presentations daily and seen throughout China by more than 600 million viewers daily.