Kingsoft Cloud Group, the cloud computing subsidiary of China-based Kingsoft, has marked its formal entry into the enterprise market with a new service to help companies store their data online.

Kingsoft Cloud Group was separated from Kingsoft’s online storage business in February 2011. Its businesses are divided into two sectors: the cloud storage platform targeting Internet companies and developers and the online disk service. So far, Kingsoft’s personal network disk service claims to have a user base of over 40 million, and it has reached cooperation with device manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Skyworth.

The company’s new cloud-based corporate online disk and cloud service platform will provide paid information file sharing and storage services to enterprise users. Its cloud service platform mainly offers an online cloud storage space and an operating platform to enterprises and developers, allowing them to move their services to the cloud platform instead of using local services.

Zhang Hongjiang, chief executive officer of Kingsoft Group, said in 2012 that Kingsoft Cloud Group was a strategic business for Kingsoft Group and they would probably not be profitable for at least three years.