Jiaranai Entertainment, the general distributor of Sina’s microblog service in Thailand, announced that China’s Sina microblog service at Weibo.com has officially entered the Thai market.

Since Weibo’s launch, it has been popular among Chinese people around the world, including those living in Thailand. According to statistics provided by Jiaranai, there are reportedly 800,000 Sina microblog users in Thailand.

After the launch in Thailand, Jiaranai Entertainment will provide certification application audit service to Thai users. This service will ensure the authenticity of information of certified users while preventing fraudulent users on the social network.

In addition, the company will offer training and microblog hosting service to help Thai users. They will also provide services to those who are not good at Chinese or not familiar with Chinese consumer habits.

So far, the Thai Embassy in China, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and Thai Airways have registered Weibo microblog accounts.