Focused on saving energy and space, HP unveiled its latest server product Moonshot in China.

Low power consumption is the highlight of Moonshot server. This is realized by adopting Intel’s low-power Atom chip, which is normally used on tablets, smartphones, and netbooks. HP claimed that compared with existing servers, Moonshot can reduce power consumption by 89%; the space taken can be reduced by 80%; and the cost can be lowered by more than three-quarters.

HP said that the company holds an open attitude when selecting processors for Moonshot. Apart from Intel, other makers like AMD, AppliedMicro, Calxeda, and Texas Instruments will also be processor suppliers for Moonshot.

According to a plan previously announced by HP, Moonshot is already available in the United States and Canada. This new product will be launched in other markets in May 2013.

With Moonshot, HP hopes to attract the attention of large social media enterprises, cloud computing, and e-commerce websites. Enterprises in these sectors have been developed rapidly and their demands for servers are considerable.

At present, the competition in the server market is severe, with competitors such as IBM, HP, Dell, and Lenovo all jostling for new buyers. Statistics from the market research firm IDC showed that in 2012, HP’s server business revenue was USD14.1 billion, representing a year-on-year decrease of 7.5%.