Chinese software provider Kingsoft Network unveiled its new private cloud security system, which belongs to its newly established subsidiary Kingsoft Security System Company.

The establishment of this new subsidiary shows that Kingsoft is accelerating its transformation from a traditional anti-virus software provider to a cloud security solutions provider focused on the enterprise market.

Kingsoft Security System Company was founded at the end of March 2013. It was separated from Kingsoft’s enterprise anti-virus software business unit and realized independent operations via a management buy-out. Prior to this, Kingsoft Group had seven subsidiaries and studios, operating anti-virus software, office software, games, and cloud computing businesses.

Kingsoft Security System is positioned as a cloud security platform and solutions provider. It aims to offer terminal information security systems to local governments, the military, and large companies.

Fu Sheng, chief executive officer of Kingsoft Network, said that enterprise anti-virus software usually needs to connect to the Internet to realize accurate killing of viruses and virus database updates. However, many companies do not use the Internet for the sake of confidentiality. So private cloud security solutions can realize these functions in the case of business processes isolated from the external network.

Kingsoft’s private cloud security system features advanced persistent threat defense functions. It is based on a white list heuristically-created solution that works among all terminals across a network.