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Iqiyi.com Packages New Cloud-based Online Communities Service

Chinese Internet video website Iqiyi.com has started providing user generated content support to many interactive communities, including Baidu Tieba.

With the new service, users will be able to share their local videos while visiting these communities. Iqiyi.com will help users complete a series of operations, including transcoding, generation, and sharing, on a cloud platform, and users do not even need to register or login to Iqiyi.com. For those who have Iqiyi IDs, they will gain a personal video page in the UGC community of Iqiyi.com, which can conveniently track their video sharing history.

Gong Yu, founder and chief executive officer of Iqiyi.com, told local media that in the last eight years, the user generated content provided by video websites could only be called pseudo UGC or pre-UGC. Though the contents were varied, only a few of them were uploaded by users and actually created by users.

However, with the maturation of mobile phone shooting and sharing devices like smartphones, the real UGC phase will enter an explosive development period. Iqiyi.com aims to meet the video sharing demands of users by technology and product innovation.

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